A muslin on purpose this time

Selfie with a purpose, can you see that neckline?

As the title intimates, I’ve made another garment that’s not “best”.  I came across Bronte Top by Jennifer Lauren Vintage and thought I’d give it a try.  I’ve been looking for a pattern with that lapped kind of neckline and couldn’t find one until now.  Because I have lots of knits hanging around I thought I’d make up a quick version to check fit before cutting into one of my striped fabrics (I see this as a sailor type top you know).

Bronte was quite easy to make up and seems to fit pretty well.  There are a few tweaks to the length and sleeve length that I’ll make, but I think this is a pattern that is ready to go.  So here is my muslin made from a burnout rayon that sticks to itself (yes, like that striped dress from the entry before).  I didn’t like sewing this fabric so the remainder will go in the Goodwill bag.  I think this muslin will make a good workout top so it should have a full sweaty life outside the house.


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  1. I have been eyeing the Bronte, too … but I’m still fighting the never-ending Emery dress I’m making, and have sworn to myself I’m not going to start anything before i finish (or bin) that one.
    It does look great on you!

  2. I like this one. Good top resulting from a difficult fabric. Goes well with your hair. I wouldn’t make this a gym top, maybe an around the house top. And a VAST improvement from that sail in your last post.
    You’re sewing like a madwoman these days, is there a reason for this? Or just the desire for output.

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