Nothing but some berries

These blackberry bushes grow wild everywhere around these parts. I vow to pick some this year and make some jam.

I’ve got nothing crafty to share. I’ve not even cooked much lately. So today look at the pretty wild blackberry bushes that are common around here. I will do my best to pick some this year and make a jar of wild blackberry jam. Now that I’m a one jar jam girl.

Sewingwise, I’ve made a bodice for a dress that was just too huge to even think about fitting.  Next.  I’m going to toile a bodice for McCalls 6833 that I plan on making out of some of my fabric purchased on my recent Hawaii trip.  I hope this one fits better than the last pattern I tried.  And don’t worry if you click through and wonder why I’m making a lady princess dress.  I’m not, trust me on that one.


2 responses

  1. Hey, I like berries. I’ll have to search and see what you mean about one-jar jam. I could get into that.

  2. Absolutely, use those berries! Blackberries are so expensive around these parts. I just love making that refrigerator jam now, thanks for turning me on to that.

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