Tell me they’re not pink

The pants were much easier to make than editing the photos.

You know when you want to toss up a quick post about a make then head out to do something else?  Well that was me this morning.  I’ve got these shiny new pants to share and found out my Photoshop was not working.  At all.  Would not run  Uninstall and reinstall.  Still wouldn’t go.  Late afternoon by now.  Well, it’s a 10 year old version of CS2, maybe it’s just done.  So I bought a one year sub for Photoshop new and shiny and will now have to relearn how to do everything.  Seriously, editing these pictures took about three times as long.  I shall have to find some tutorials to learn how to accomplish my basic tasks more efficiently.  Any Photoshop tutorials you can point me toward?

And if you’re thinking that the pics still look like crap after I edited them, just stifle.

Here is my version of 7/8 length cigarette pants.  I used Burda Style 4/2013 pattern #114A for these.  The stretch cotton fabric is from Denver Fabric and though it’s not the dark red ‘d hoped for when I was looking at fabric, it’s an absolutely gorgeous weight and feel of fabric.  I wanted a cigarette pant silhouette but a bit looser since I don’t think tight tight tight is the best look on me.  The 114A pattern was just the right length and style.  It’s a simple pant with no pockets so it’s super easy to make.  Even easier in a stretch woven like this one to keep the fitting to a minimum.

The only mods I made were to omit the waistband and belt loops because I’m not a fan of waistbands.  I moved the zipper from the side to the back because (you guessed it) I don’t like zippers at my hip.  I drafted a facing for pant instead of a waistband and used an nonstretch quilting cotton to cut down on bulk and give it some stability.  The only bad thing about stretch cotton is that you get those pants to fit just like to want and then you wear them and they stretch out.  The two pics on the right above are pre-wearing, and the left is post-wearing.  They did stretch but don’t fall down much because of that anchor facing.

Other than those small changes, I made these as drafted.  If you want more information about these sewing of these just click for my PatternReview.

Stay tape, button at back and double needle hem shown here.



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  1. You did it again, nice pair of pants! I especially like the little slits on the bottom. I admire your ability (and confidence) to make mods so easily. Maybe washing will take care of the stretching?

  2. (silly?) Question: why not move the zipper to the front? My guess is that it is easier to hide in the back, maybe? I am looking to really learn the hows and whys behind the sewing projects that I take on (instead of my previous self-taught method of “it’s a square or a rectangle and I can do those.” 😉

  3. yeah I find that I wash stretching pants constantly versus washing jeans almost never (even stretchy jeans) just to keep them as snug as I want ’em.

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