No much here

One sleeve, one sleeve nubbin.

The past few weeks have all been about work. And more work. Now the icky bit has finished, I’m back! That said I’ve got nothing much to share though.

Knitting-wise I finished one sleeve for Grettir and have the nubbin of the second sleeve started.  I still work sporadically on A Little Romance which is my travel project.  I should really get on that scarf because I really want to start a new scarf pattern that’s just come out, plus it’s getting cooler so it’ll be useful quite soon.

But what’s this talk of a new scarf pattern you’re obsessed with?  It’s a Veera Välimäki pattern called Neon Beast. It’s striped and made up in lovely bright colors.  Another perfect travel project.  I’ve made quite a few of Veera’s patterns and have enjoyed all of them.  I like her aesthetic and if she didn’t live around the world from me I’d probably peek in her windows to see what she’s working on next.  But I have neither the time nor inclination to stalk poor Veera, so I shall just read her blog.

Sewing-wise the only thing I’ve sewn is to hem some new work uniform pants.  No, I didn’t take pictures of that since it would be the most boring thing in the world!  I have decided I need more blouses so I’ll have to get on that soon.

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope I’ll be back with something to share!


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  1. I’m sure Veera’s relieved that you won’t be peeking in her windows.

    I’m just about to cast on for my stranded sweater, but I’m not looking forward to knitting with black yarn. My poor eyes.

  2. I am glad to see you are finally getting a well deserved break. It is annoying how work interferes with life! More blouses are on my list as well. I got the Sewaholic Belcarra pattern, so far I am very happy with it.

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