Blue and white pattern

I look pretty pleased with myself here, but it’s just a pretty straight forward blouse.

Finally!!  I finished something.  It seems like I hit a work patch there and couldn’t do much craftwise.

Here is a basic cotton voile blouse cut out weeks ago and sewed up last week.  I finally added the buttons this weekend so it’s done.  The pattern is Kwik Sew 3555 and is a classic button front blouse with breast pocket, collar and stand, cuffs and a shirt tail hem.

I’d initially planned to sew this up following the most excellent Craftsy class “The Classic Tailored Shirt” by Pam Howard.  I’ve made a shirt following the class before and it’s a great way to learn, plus you end up with a high quality shirt.  Unfortunately, I cut out the blouse forgetting that Kwik Sew uses 1/4″ seam allowances and the tailoring techniques in Pam’s class use 5/8″ SA for the tailored techniques.  I didn’t remember until after the blouse had been cut out so I just sewed it up following the Kwik Sew directions, which are fine.

The blouse turned out well and has been worn, so success there.  I do have some more voile in the stash that I’d like to use with a more fitted blouse pattern so this may be the first shirt of many.  Eventually.  Tomorrow I’m making some sauce from the 2 pounds of sweet tomatoes I bought today.

The freeze frame of the shirt, but it’s pretty much a basic style.


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  1. Very pretty! I’ve got cut out Archer sitting around … but my mojo seems to be travelling. And I’d been ogling that craftsy class for a while – if you say it’s good, maybe I should grab it while it’s on sale.

  2. You’re right to be pleased, it’s really nice. I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear out of it. I have some lovely voile in my stash that I want to make some kind of top out of but I’m converned it might be too bra-revealing.

  3. I like the blouse, but if you have a second person around, put it in inside out and mark where the top of the darts should be. Take it off, lay it down and mark guidelines so as to keep your darts straight, then put it back on and have someone pin them to a nice fit. Baste and try, then stitch them down nicely.

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