Is that candy striper job still available?

I didn’t crop out my head so I could enjoy the bit of hair that was sticking out like a tusk that appeared mysteriously when I woke that morning. Wasn’t there the night before, but during the night I grew it.

Just so you know, this cardi will never go outside the house.  It’s destined to be “home wear”.  I don’t know why I bought 2 yards of this pink and white strip jersey but there is was in the stash, perfect to make a toile for the Jenna Cardi from Muse Patterns.

I saw this pattern on Lauren’s blog and she looked adorable in it.  Of course Lauren is totally adorable and would look great in a Safeway bag, but buy the Jenna pattern I did.  It fills a niche between tee and sweater, which is a wide niche here in sunny California.  I thought I’d make a practice garment to evaluate the pattern since I’d not used this company’s patterns before.

Enter pink stripe jersey.  While this fabric isn’t hideous, it would be perfect for a 5 year old’s Easter dress.  I matched up the stripes on the sides and sleeves but totally lost interest in straight lines at the cuffs and hems.  Oh well.  The buttons are from the stash so this was a pretty easy and fast make.  It was constructed almost totally on the serger, only used the straight stitch for the top stitching.

As for fit, it fits pretty well but the sleeves are WAY too long.  I have long monkey arms and they’re too long for me.  I took out 1″ in the above photos and need at least another inch out of the length.  I may think about taking a smidge out of the shoulder width, but may not bother with the next iteration.  Off to root around the stash for some more jersey.


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  1. The top is cute & it would make a great bum-around-the-house top with some Tofino-type bottoms. You’re right though, Lauren looks good in anything she puts on. Even blue hair!

  2. Once you get the fit just right, endless cardi possibilities could open up. I wear these things on a daily basis, winter and summer. I still have not used my serger to sew anything with jersey. Do you sew 3 or 4 thread, and do you leave the knife function on?

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