Does that look like $1K worth of damage? Can’t I just pad out that dent with some leftover sock yarn? Apparently the yarn thing is NOT an approved fix…

Why am I not going to Rhinebeck this year?

Is it because I don’t have the time off work.  No, I do.

Is it because you can’t fly across the country to get to NYS&W?  No, indeed I can.  I fly for free because I work for an airline.

Then why?  Because I backed the car into another in my driveway and have used my Rhinebeck yarn slush fund to pay for a new bumper!  Seriously.  Why do we even have bumpers if you can’t bump into anything?  Why can’t I use my excess yarn as bumper filler to make the fixing cost under $1K?

That is my sad tale, sorry to vent.  My sister tried to make me feel better by saying we should plan a trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool instead?  We’ve not been to Maryland in ages and barring any more demolition derby stunts on my end we’re in.  Anyone else planning on Maryland?


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  1. Ouch! That hurts! I’m considering going to MS&W. I went a few years ago & would love to go again. My cousin lives only 20 minutes from the fairgrounds, so that’s an easy trip (once I actually get up to her place). It was fun but a bit overwhelming! Perhaps we could meet up just to say hi if we do come.

  2. This makes me very sad. 😦 The stars did not align for Rhinebeck, but I predict a fine spring sheep-and-wool season!

  3. Oooof. Sorry to hear you can’t go to Rhinebeck, but I would love to see you at Maryland! I haven’t given much thought to it yet so no concrete plans, but since it’s one county away from me I usually go for one of the days.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry about both the car and Rhinebeck! How disappointing. I think bumpers are now made more collapsible to absorb the impact, and better protect the occupants from injury. I guess that’s good for a higher-speed crash, but not so great for low impact.

  5. I feel your pain. I backed into my neighbor’s car a few years ago. He already had a big dent, but I broke his light as well. I ended up paying for both since we didn’t know how much I contributed to the dent.

    Went to MS&W last spring. I think I left a few things behind for you to find next year.

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