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I’m trying out a super hero pose here.

Well it’s not Rhinebeck, but it’s something.

The upside of not going to New York Sheep and Wool is that I’ve got some time on my hands.  I took advantage of that by finishing Staple dress.

The material is from a layover in Los Angeles that had me trekking over to the fabric district and picking up a few things, this included.  The material is a rayon/poly fluid print that presses well.  I thought it would be a good match for Staple dress’ elastic waist.  The material’s drape should be nice and fluid and make for soft folds in the finished dress.

Well the finished dress is fine, I just don’t know how much I’ll like wearing that elastic waist.  It was annoying me just taking pictures, but I suspect the elastic will relax a bit with wear (plus that fact that I yank on it while taking it one and off).  I even tried to wear a belt when taking pictures and you know I hate belts, which is probably why it’s kind of wonky.

I made the dress as instructed, but it’s a pretty easy dress so variations are limited.  The dress has pockets and a shirred elastic waist.  It’s pretty basic.  The neck and armholes are finished with bias, the waist is shirred with elastic thread and I added bra strap holders at the shoulders so that wide neck would stay on.  I didn’t add any length and hemmed with a baby hem, so if you want a longer dress or are tall you may want to add a bit to the length.

All that said, I’m still on the fence as to whether this will be useful.  The blouson effect of the bodice isn’t the most flattering on me.  I think I prefer a more fitted look on top for me, but it is fairly comfortable and easy to slip on under a cardigan, so maybe.  I’ll keep it for a few months and see if it gets worn.

I think I’ll try to make another blouse next from my latest fabric from New York, which I cleverly left out waiting for inspiration (and time off).

Dress with cardigan, it’s most likely wear. Can’t wear it long today since it’s still pretty dang hot out.



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  1. yeah I made two of them and honestly I am uncomfortable in them all day when I wear them. I hate wearing things belted but they’re stupid without it, the blousy effect gets in the way of wearing a cardigan over it, they’re just annoying as crap and I should have been able to tell just from looking at it that I wouldn’t like wearing the style… but OTOH I get a million compliments on BOTH those dresses whenever I wear them. WEIRD RIGHT.

  2. Stop it with the hot comments. Brr. I took my pepper plant in the garage to avoid a freeze tonight. The dress is cute with the cardi, so see if you like wearing it.

  3. I agree with the other commenter, I am not a fan of elastic waists, I will not wear them. But with a card over it, the dress looks pretty. Very wearable for everyday use.

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