Zoo girls

Sisters at the San Francisco Zoo circa 1967 sporting matching hand knits, of course.

Since the present is being rather difficult, I’ll embrace the past this #tbt and post this pic of Claudia and me at the SF Zoo circa 1967.  Please notice the matching hand knit WOOL skirt/jacket combos knit by our mom.  Seriously, two children under 3 and knitting matching wool outfits.  Of note, I do have a picture of Claudia on her first day of kindergarten wearing a jacket very similar to the one here.  Clearing ripping out sweaters and reknitting them runs in our genes.

P.S.  I’m the one on the left looking dopey.  Can you see the little Claudia’s inquiring mind here already?


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  1. I am sorry to hear life’s not treating you well, and hope things will look up soon!
    And wow, what a combo 😀 truth be told, as a kid I hated anything wooly with a wild and fiery passion … some things do change, it seems.

  2. Knitting is clearing in your genes. Pictures of our past become so dear to us. Thank you for sharing that little glimpse of your childhood!

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