There’s a draft in my skirt

It looks like a fan cookie they used to put in ice cream sundaes.

I thought I’d have a finished quick knit dress to share, but when I looked at the photos I took of me wearing the thing I realized that not only did it feel loose it was a bit more sack-like than it should be.  Side seams need taking in a bit so today you’ve got this.

What is it?  It’s a draft of a 3/8 circle skirt.  Huh?

Well it started by me reading on a sewing blog that she was going to have a step by step draft of a vintage skirt pattern style she’d come across.  I thought it would be fun to do, and truth be told, pattern drafting was my best skill at design school.  Plus it would be easier to do an along than figure out all the math in my limited off time.

So what you see above is the draft of the simple 3/8 skirt.  Next installment will add the cross over pleats and then perhaps it’s muslin time.  If you want to read more about this (or join in) the link is here to Frabjous Couture.  If you hesitate because you don’t have special tools please know I tape together my 18″ pattern paper and use a push pin and my tape measure as a compass (like we learned at school).  There is a bit of math but it’s super easy and I used the calculator on my iPhone.

So tonight I work a red eye and perhaps pleats will happen early next week!  Happy Sunday.


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  1. Given my complete lack of spatial awareness, I think you were the winner of the genetic lottery there. Sorry about the red-eye. Yikes!

  2. That is a very interesting pattern, that flowery version sure looks nice, but I am not so sure about those pleats. I am sure curious how yours will turn out!

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