Can you smell it?

I could say this is in here to show detail, but this made me think of Joey from Friends explaining “smell the fart” acting. Seriously funny.

I’ve been spoiled for choice about what to make for my next sewing project as I’ve got lots of new and stashed fabrics available to me.  What have I done, not much.  There has been much weirdness in my world of late, but I hope I’ve shaken it off and returned to the land of tranquility and harmony.  To that end I decided to finish a dress I’d already finished during the World Series.

I know, the World Series ended 29 October with our local SF Giants winning.  Yay them!  While watching some of the games (I’m not the hugest of baseball fans but the WS is fun) I cut out and made Vogue 1351.  This is a simple DKNY pattern for a bias cut lined dress with a cowl neck.  I’d seen it on the blogs and it’s really a “good” dress, if that makes sense?

Fits much better now!

I had some black and white ponte knit in the stash that I couldn’t really find a use for and thought it would be fine for this dress since the pattern wouldn’t look cattywompus on the diagonal.  The lining I’d just dig out of the stash and it’s insta-dress.

And really, this was insta-dress since there’s only 5 pattern pieces and that includes the lining.  I even omitted the side zipper since I used a knit, and that worked out perfectly in case you’re thinking of doing the same.

My problem came when I tried the dress on.  It was just too loose through the waist.  Perhaps if I’d used a fluid woven, rather than a stable knit I’d have got more drape.  Or much more likely, I cut the size too big.  Either way, I had to take it in after seeing the pictures I’d taken to blog.  I like loose and and even I thought it was too much.

So it sat.  The Giants had their victory parade.  I flew back and forth across the country a dozen times.  And still it sat.  One day I’d had enough of looking at the forlorn bundle and took it in using my machine basting stitch.  Well that was ugly.  Turns out that making curves on the bias makes big old wobbly bumps.  Not so pretty.  Ripped that out and tried a much more gradual straigh-tish line in to the waist and back down the skirt.  That worked.  Much smoother.  Note to self:  cutting a size down would be the way to go if I made this again with knits.

Why did I buy that crazy abstract ITY? What was in my head? No freaking idea.

So here is the much delayed and altered World Series dress.  I even lined the dress with some orange ITY from the stash to reflect the Giants’ colors (that was luck since I wanted to use this fabric up which I’d purchased in a fit of crazy).  It’s still warm enough to wear around here for a little while longer, but it would look good under a cardie with tights and boots.  Or even tucked up to the Thanksgiving table, where I’ll probably be sad I didn’t leave the extra fabric in.

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