Striped Hemlock

This little striped fabric looks crazy distorted on my monitor, it’s just playing with us.

Because I lead such a glamorous life, I made another tee shirt.

I know!  I do wish I could show you all the swanky things I make and wear to cotillions and soirees, but alas, my days aren’t like that.  Nor are my nights.  Perhaps in the next life.

What I made here is the Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee pattern.  It’s actually a free pattern that has been quite well represented on the blogs.  It’s a simple project, which is all I was up for when deciding what to make.  I sewed most of this on the overlocker so it’s also quick in addition to being easy.

This top should be good for knocking around the house, or “lounge wear” if we’re being fancy with the words.  I’ll “pair” it with “lounge pants” (that’s sweat pants to you and me).  It’s a good basic that won’t embarrass me if the neighbors see me taking the trash.  It will be much worn and used a stashed bit of fabric.  That’s a win!

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  1. That looks pretty trippy from here. I love it though, and am sure that it looks great in real life. It might be a lounge shirt, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look great!

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