Mushrooms and Monsters

Week 1 mushroom identity parade.

I’m not a gardening person and am rather disinterested in my tiny yard.  I keep it within HOA guidelines, hire someone to do the bulk of the upkeep and call it done.  So the other day I noticed a mushroom growing the backyard.  Odd.  We’re having a three year drought and I’ve got shrooms?  We have had a bit of rain and these poor spores were so desperate the must have said “now or never”.  So here are the week 1 and 2 splits of my very own three mushroom crop.  Isn’t that third one odd looking?  And it’s big!  Boy they grow quickly.  Anyone know anything about mushrooms?  Don’t worry, I’m not going to eat them.

Week 2 after several days of rain. Super shrooms!

Other than watching mushrooms grow, I’m on vacation (!) for the rest of the month so I hope to get some crafting done, despite scheduling multiple tasks every darn day like an idiot.  First up is a shopping bag I made in under an hour for a little gift.  The pattern is  Michelle Pattern’s Grocery Bag (it’s on sale and super easy).  I live in a county with a recent plastic bag ban so bringing your own sacks to the shops is a must.  And why can’t those bags be cute?  This monster bag is destined for a pal with two little boys and we all know little kids like monsters of the cute variety.  Perhaps I’ll make more and give them for Christmas?  They sure are easy and useful, so stay tuned for more versions.  Maybe I’ll find some mushroom fabric 😉

Monsters and gingham shopping bag.

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  1. Will the ‘shrooms take over your yard? They look interesting and intriguing. Handsewn market bags would be fun, unlike the usual grocery store variety I carry.

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