Happy hat day

It’s a bit darker than my camera would lead you to believe.

One of my friends has a 23 December birthday.  That must kind of suck because of course that’s Christmas and people tend to lump the two occasions together.  When my group of friends celebrate Thanksgiving we celebrate his birthday early since we’re all together.  Usually I just get him a super bottle of wine since he’s a chef and really appreciates yummy things.  This year they’re flying up and wine is out.  So I decided to knit him a hat since he’s probably not got one because he lives in Los Angeles and doesn’t need one.  Need has nothing to do with it, he’s getting a hat.  I justify that he may need one in San Francisco during his visit, or it may one day be “hat cold” in LA.  Hah!  Luckily he has impeccable manners and would never let me know if he’s less than thrilled with a hat.

Nonetheless, here is a lovely blue tweed version of Graham with just a bit of hipster droop.  I quite like this hat and hope he finds some use for it.  It was made with love, so that must count for something.

Pattern is Graham; yarn is Berroco Blackstone Tweed in the Naragansett colorway and used about 1.25 skeins.


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  1. Hats are very in “young people” fashion right now, so don’t think of it as a piece to be used for need of warmth, but a decorative thing. Looks Terrific!!!

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