Sewing in French

Boxy, ruffle and rather sheer – I like it though.

Don’t worry, I’ve not learned any French yet despite buying very expensive language software.  Turns out French is chock full of irregular verbs and phantom apostrophes.  Sewing in French is much easier than speaking French.

This blouse is Marthe from Republique du Chiffon.  (sorry I don’t know how to add the accents)  It’s a pdf downloadable pattern and I quite liked the shape.  I think it would be quite cute with straight jeans and a cute jacket over top but alas you see it here paired with my sweats and sports bra.  As per usual.  I matched the pattern with some double georgette I picked up in Los Angeles on a fabric buying “walk around the neighborhood”.  It’s got little bits of silver print on it and reminds me of a fabric an Indian woman would wear, though probably not in polyester.

As you can see the shape is simple with an angled bottom ruffle – shorter in front than in back.  The construction is quite simple and I am exceedingly happy with the thread button loop I made in the back.  I had to watch a YouTube video to remind me how make the loop again, but it was quickly done and just the thing.  The georgette has a good drape so I hope I won’t be accused of pregnancy when wearing it.  It’s super comfy and just a bit sparkly.  Hah!

If you’re interested in any of the Republique du Chiffon patterns, and they are quite cute, you need to know a few things,  The most important is that the seam allowances aren’t included on the pattern so remember to add them on.  The sewing instructions are in French but the illustrations are good, so if you know how to sew you’re fine.  Give it a try if you’re interested.

Next up (after a few days of work) are sweats.  Seriously.  I love wearing my sweats and have some french terry to sew up into some comfy pants.  Oh the glamour!

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  1. un beau tissus, et un bon résultat. On a Mac, you use opt-e -e .= é It’ll be something a bit similar on a PC, but you only needed it once so who cares! You knew I’d speak up.

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