Glamour in sweats

Pretty good start on my quest for sweat pant perfection.

Call them what you will “lounge wear”, “casual” or “yoga pants”, they’re all in the sweat pant genus. Here are True Bias Hudson Pants made straight from the pattern with no alterations.  They are narrow legged pants with cuffed bottoms.  Mine are a big larger since I sized up as my fabric didn’t have the required stretch for the pattern.

These sweats are quite fine.  The pattern is very good and properly drafted (not always the case – so kudos due here) and the fabric is from Fabrix (you know I love them).  The fabric is jersey on one side and french terry on the other,  rather soft and comfortable.  The sewing up was very fast and much can be done on the serger.  This pattern has everything I need in sweats – they’re comfortable and have pockets.  The only thing I’d change would be to make them from black fabric, but that’s hardly the fault of the pattern!  I’m on the hunt for appropriate black sweat pant material.

The only things I varied from the (very good) instructions were the addition of twill tape to the pocket edges to try to prevent them from stretching out with use, omitting the drawcord (but made the buttonholes and channel just in case) since I didn’t have a gray cord and making the cuffs wider around because my fabric has very little stretch in that direction and there is no way I’d have been able to ease the cuffs onto the much wider legs.

I’m looking for stretchier black fabric and I shall keep the twill tape addition at the pockets and perhaps add interfacing at the edges to try to stave off the inevitable stretch and make the cuffs the original tightness.  Also, a stretchier fabric may have me make them in my “correct” size to prevent any “diaper booty” action.  All is fabric dependent and I’m still searching.  My current favorite sweats are made from light fleece but don’t have pockets.  If I find the right fabric I may be able to make my perfect sweat pants.  Such lofty aspirations here at the house.

Have a dry and safe day.  The storm’s brewing and will arrive today!

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  1. These look really good, especially the cuffs make them look more refined than regular “sweats”. Please take care, you guys are really getting hammered over there, weatherwise!

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