Skulls, vajayjays and knitting

One of two for pressies – the closest I’ll get to getting you Alexander McQueen.

I’m about to embark upon my hell week of work but have been sewing up some shopping bags for Christmas presents. I made two skull bags for friends who love Alexander McQueen skulls – cute but out of my price range.  So grocery bags it is, since plastic bags are verboten here in California.  Practical and cute.

Item two, as referenced above is vagina.  Please watch this.  Enough said?  Of course, not enough said.  I simultaneously think “go girl” and “ew”.  Is that the point?

Item three:  I am knitting (in the conventional way) a hat called Kemuri.  It’s a good pattern, well written and I hope that I have enough yarn.  What else is new?

Back to laundry.


4 responses

  1. Ew, ew & ew! Thank you, Dear Sylvia, for bringing that bit of performance art into my world. I’ll never look @ my knitting in the same way again.

  2. Well. That certainly was creative. Good for her, I say. Go on with your bad self.

    Good luck with hell week. I hope it exceeds your meager expectations. (On a sugar high from sampling your box of treats!)

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