Did you know…

(R) Doo-dad from my sewing machine foot box that tightens screws with the black pointy end. (L) Sewing machine bulb that is kaput.

My mind has been blown by something small that I’m sure you all will be like “no shit”.  I had no idea.  Seriously.

Did you know that the grey handle of that doo-dad shoves onto the blown sewing machine light bulb so you can unscrew it?  I had to g**gle “how to change a Bernina bulb” to find out that this tool has two uses.

Now what will take longer is to wait for my bulbs to arrive from their ebay seller, since my local shop is an hour away.

This also prompted me to pull out the machine’s manual and I saw that I had TWO bulbs (which have been burned out for yonks btw).  I got to use my tool twice today (how’s that for mad search hits for a light bulb post?).

I’m sewing and knitting so perhaps I’ll soon have something interesting to share, other than light bulb moments.

Tool with bulb insitu.


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  1. I will admit to reading the manual properly only when something goes wrong, and discovering that I’ve been doing something wrong/inefficiently for ages!

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