Thirty day shirt

Yay! It’s finally done!  Too bad I’m having an awkward hair-growing-out day.  Life.

No, it really shouldn’t take very long to make this shirt but I managed to make this project last over a month.  That was mostly due to not working on it, so my bad.

This shirt is Bruyere from Deer & Doe Patterns.  It’s essentially a convertible collared shirt with cuffs and waist yoke band.  I bought my pattern copy from Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley (California) but I’ve also purchased patterns from their website in France and they come remarkably quickly through that route also.  The fabric is a very high quality cotton lawn purchased from Stonemountain’s half price section so it was perfect to test out a new pattern with.

Since I’d no idea how this blouse would fit out of the box I opted to just make my size (according to the measurement chart) and see what happened.  Turns out it fits just great with no alterations.  The bust darts are in the right place, I can close it over the boobs, the sleeves are long enough and it goes over my butt.  Yay.I wanted to use the shirtmaking techniques I’d learned in Pam Howard’s “The Classic Tailored Shirt” Craftsy class (which is freaking awesome for those interested in such things).  I flat felled all the seams and tried to sew it up in a similar order to her class technique, but this shirt is not the same animal so I had to stop and think about procedure every now and then.  I may make a few changes on the next version, but that’s going to require a bit of thought.  There are a few more sewing details that I’ll put in my PatternReview for those not as into sewing shirts as I am at the moment.So I made a completely wearable muslin test of a new pattern.  I’d like to make another in dark or dotted chambray, but I fear if I then wear it with jeans I’ll be wearing that old Canadian tuxedo look that I’d find hard to pull off.

So stay tuned for more shirtmaking – as least that’s the plan for today.


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  1. That turned out great! Its fun to see what it looks like finished, after just seeing pieces lying about. Are the bangs going away or just awaiting the next trim?

  2. No matter how long you take to sew a shirt that nice it would be worth it! The pattern looks like it has a lot of fiddly bits, which you handled beautifully. The pattern and fabric work together nicely and the fit is perfect! Love!

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