Is that a peacock in your pocket?

Just hanging out with the peacocks.

I thought I’d try Sewaholic’s new pattern, Granville Shirt which is a fitted button front collared shirt.  I rooted around the stash and came up with some beautiful cotton fabric that is rather oddly printed with peacocks. The peacocks are cute but I really don’t remember buying it, or even why I bought 3 yards of it, but there it was begging to used to test out a new pattern.

I was a little careful to place the pattern pieces so that I didn’t end up with a peacock on each boob.  They’re rib level, so that should be fine.  In order not to take forever in sewing this up, I am trying to make a point to sew a little bit every day I’m home.

So today, I took my fifteen minutes and sewed on the pocket.  I made sure I matched the pattern and watched Pam Howard’s “The Classic Tailored Shirt” lesson on pocket sewing while doing it.  Not bad right?  It’s relatively unobtrusive.  The eye just goes to that darn peacock doesn’t it?  But why three yards?


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  1. Dude that pocket is invisible. I love the peacocks but they don’t seem all that YOU. I mean my mom would go bananapants for that fabric!!! Miss you lots! Wearing my little “C” today and thinking of you! even tho I had to untangle a bizarre tiny knot in the chain using tweezers!

  2. Well done. I didn’t even see that pocket at first! BTW, I think that “peacock boobs” somehow needs to work itself into our daily lexicon.

  3. The pocket is perfect! Three yards. Maybe a dress? A cheery tablecloth? Maybe just a skirt, but you wanted enough yardage to arrange the peacocks nicely?

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