The peacocks have arrived

More peacocks are needed here.

After little 15 minute bursts of sewing, I’ve finally finished the peacock edition of Granville shirt by Sewaholic.  I’d rather stalled on any kind of crafty activity but managed to talk myself into little bursts of sewing to move Granville along.

My lack of crafty energy has nothing to do with the pattern or my liking of the shirt, but winter doldrums exist even when you don’t have winter.  I guess.  I do know that little bits of sewing every so often managed to get this shirt done and my crafty thoughts whirring.

What you see here is Granville constructed by the techniques from Craftsy’s “The Classic Tailored Shirt” class.  I made this shirt following Pam Howard’s instructions and success!  Pam can calmly talk you through anything and should probably be a UN negotiator based on teaching the collar and stand lesson.  Seriously not hard folks.

Best view of peacock mutations brought about by shoddy pattern placement.

The Granville pattern fit me well out of the box with the exception of the sleeve length.  I have long monkey arms, I know that from all I learned in pattern making classes using standard measurements.  I usually add at least 1″ to long sleeve patterns to compensate for the previously mentioned monkey-like tendencies.  Not so here.  These sleeves are seriously too long and it did not occur to me to check that.  So Granvillians beware, measure those arms and adjust.

Yes, those sleeves are rather too long. Will have to roll them up on this go round – must remember to alter the pattern.

Other than too long sleeves, this shirt was easy and fit well.  I only changed the cuff pattern because I think I messed up the tower sleeve placket insertion and the pattern cuffs were too big.  Those instructions were meager and Pam doesn’t cover that in her class.  Next time I’m doing it Pam’s way and skipping the tower placket.  The fit in body and across the shoulders is good and I shall use Granville as a jumping off shirt point for future makes.

All in all a good pattern, a great class and more peacocks would have been better.

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  1. I really, really like those peacocks. The fit is fantastic other than the sleeves and it looks nice on you. That sucks about the doldrums. I hope that gets better soon.

  2. I have to echo the love of the peacocks, they’re amazing.
    After having made another Archer here recently, the Granville is next on my list – and I have been watching that Craftsy class, too. 😀 The only difference is that I really want to try a tower placket, as I’m not super happy with the outcome of the continuous one …
    And I hear you on the winter – like your weather, southern Spain hardly is the harshest of winter climates, but man, am I ready to move into spring!

  3. Love the fabric and the fit (sleeve length aside) is great. Thanks for the comprehensive review; it really does help filter out the good classes/patterns from the mediocre or bad!

  4. This shirt looks really good, and the fabric is just gorgeous. That is what I love about sewing, that you can create such a unique garment that nobody else has. Winter doldrums here as well, but it looks like we will get out of the 20’s this week, woohoo!

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