Well that’s a first

How close are your garters?

Something odd happened with the creation of my latest sweater.  My gauge is too small.  That never happens to me since I’m the loosest knitter west of the Mississippi.

I knit a swatch with the called for needle size (usually I go down one or two needle sizes) and it seemed fine, but as we know – SWATCHES LIE.  I cast on with the called for needles and begin knitting secure in my gauge swatch knowledge.  As I’m knitting a little puff of a doubt creeps into my head with its manta “it’s too small…it’s too small”.  So I look at the pictures of the finished garment and indeed my garter ridges are rather closer together than the pattern illustration.  I count my row gauge and it’s too tight.  SWATCHES LIE!

So I shall rip this little bit and begin with a needle TWO sizes bigger and see what happens.  Is Mercury in retrograde again, because that shit messed me up last time too?

And just because I like the picture, here are the blossom drifts I like to think of as snow in my neighborhood.

Pink blossom snow!


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  1. Wait, have aliens abducted my real sister? I can’t even IMAGINE this could be true! Yay for cherry blossom “snow” drifts. 1-3 inches of the real snow forecast for tomorrow. S. is hiding all the kitchen knives from me.

  2. The cherry trees are blooming here, too. I hope Claudia won’t be coming after us with those knives.

    Bummer on the gauge issues! Hope the new size works out.

  3. Wow I love the blossom drift! Thanks for that photo.
    We can use it up here in Toronto where cherry trees are likely to bloom in 4 to 6 weeks.

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