ABCs of A-lines

I am wearing my super cute sewing glasses so I can’t see a damn thing unless it’s 12″ in front of me. Srsly.

It’s a black, A-line skirt with pockets.  As exciting as say, a ballgown?  Nah, but this will get more wear.

I’ve made a version of Sewaholic’s Hollyburn skirt, this one in a tropical weight wool.  I changed the pattern a wee bit to suit my prejudices.  I don’t like waistbands, but rather like a teenage boy, want my garments hanging off my waist.  I shall not subject the world to knee knockin’, boxer short showin’ but I still don’t like a waistband.  Ok, back on track, I left off the waistband and drafted a facing.  I also added a lining since this wool is quite light (and see through) and split the pocket piece so the pocket facing could be made from a lighter fabric (lining in this case).

The zipper is one I purchased in NYC the other day and went in like a dream.  The zipper tape on this zip is much lighter than the zips from Joann (Coats and Clark) so the zipper is truly invisible.  It also helps that this spongy fabric hides stitches like an 8 year old hides her Halloween candy from her siblings.

This is actually an easy sewing project, despite it taking me weeks to finish.  The downside of only sewing for a few minutes at a time whenever you can find a moment, is that thing take an age.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on a dress pattern for my next project, which will be dependent upon finding a stashed fabric that will work.  Stashbusting in progess!

Pattern Review here.

The inside story: facing with lining attached at center back.


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  1. Wow, the inside of this garment is ‘cleaner’ looking than the outside of many store bought dresses. Nice job.

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