Darling or no

It’s weird, but I think I’ll wear it. What does that say about me?

I’ve been using my limited crafting time on this Darling Ranges dress.  I picked up the fabric at my fave cheap fabric store and liked the rather odd Asian vase collage, even though it’s not really my style.

The dress is a simple raised waist, button front dress and is super easy to wear with leggings and a cardie.  I thought I’d try it on to see if it looked decent enough to continue.  The fit is ok, but I may add the back ties that I’d thought to leave off.  The sleeves are a bit odd, they have elastic at the bottom (as per the instructions) and are not super full.  They look wonky in the picture but they really are the same length.  They are a tad tight and I’m not large armed.  Those may have to be changed in future versions.  It’s also a bit long, I see this as above knee length to work with leggings.

I shall finish this up and see how it works when I return from my little work trip.  I should be napping so I can work the redeye tonight, but alas, I’m not tired.  I guess I shall be later…


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  1. If you shorten the dress it will work and I like the idea of the ties. I love the fabric and how well they blend. I hope you got a nap, too.

  2. i agree with zeneedle, I would shorten it as well. Other than that is quite unique, very japanese looking.

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