Famille Rose Dress

And it has pockets!

Doesn’t this dress make you think of Chinese porcelain?  It does me so that’s its new name, Famille Rose Ranges Dress.

As one can see, my Darling Ranges dress is done and has even been worn.  That is success in my book.  The Darling Ranges dress was all over the sewing blogs a few years ago but I’ve not made one until now.  Luckily that coincided with Megan Nielsen re-introducing the pattern with new stuff (I don’t really know what’s new since I didn’t read up on it) but new and improved.

Basically this is an above waist dress with elbow sleeves and a button front.  The only change I made was to raise the neckline 1.5″ since it was kind of low for me.  I ended up hemming the dress 3″ to make it above knee.  The fabric is polyester crepe that’s super light and scrunches up to nothing, so good for packing.  Add legging and flats and it’s an outfit.  Theoretically is looks cute with a belt, but I still hate wearing belts so that probably won’t happen irl.  The only further change I’ll make in future versions would be to change the sleeves.  Longer or shorter would be better on me.

So that’s it, a vase inspired fabric choice that’s already been worn.  Success!  And I even found a use for some flower buttons from the stash that kind of looked like blossoms.  Win!

Can you spot the button in the picture? It works well enough and they were free…


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