Skirting around the issue

The last time I went fabric shopping in NYC I bought some black stretch denim in a light medium weight to make a jeans skirt.  That would plug a little hole in my wardrobe and be fairly easy to make up.

Why then did I just use that fabric for jeans?  Not a jeans skirt, just jeans?  I guess I’d seen one to many versions of Ginger Jeans  from Closet Case Patterns popping up around the web.  I actually have well fitting rtw jeans available from Levi, but I must have been caught up in the enthusiasm.

I downloaded the Ginger Jeans pattern, taped it together and made some adjustments to accommodate the curves and had at it.  I’ve made fly front pants before so that wasn’t a problem, I was leery of the topstitching.  But that turned out to be fine too.  It just needed a bit of machine tweaking to get the stitch tension working and voila!

So a pretty straight forward make.  I had to take two little darts in the yoke back to get the waistband to lay flat above the wagon I’m dragin’ (which is an adjustment I’ve since made to my pattern as shown by those illustrative red lines below).  The pockets and waistband facing are made from leftover aloha dress fabric and the topstitching is purple.  So a pretty sedate pair of black jeans, not too heavy which will be good for packing.

I finished them and promptly wore them to the dentist to get a broken tooth seen to.  My dentist is on vacation this week and I am on vacation next week and didn’t want to swan around too long with my snaggle molar, so temporary fix and a crown in my future according to my borrowed dentist.  And much more work to pay for the darn thing!  So black jeans and dental work here on the blog.  I’m not sure where I’ll go next week, but I’ll be wearing my comfy new Ginger Jeans!


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  1. They turned out great! And I love the purple top stitching – my first ever pair of Jeans (Jalie) had purple top stitching, too, and I still miss those trousers.

  2. I feel your pain (both physical and in the pocket book) about the broken molar, I had a few of those myself. But the jeans came out fantastic, that top-stiching is amazing!

  3. This making of fabulous jeans is really impressing me. Yeah, crowns. I have about 3 of them, so I feel the pain.

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