Checks and such

All done!

Finishing touches have been applied to my gingham top and matching zipper procured.  For this particular make I’d bought some gingham from Fabrix when I should have been elsewhere, doing something else.  But, as happens, when you put a fabric store next to several of my favorite dim sum bakeries, chaos ensues and gingham is bought with a pork bun side.

After buying the gingham I was at a loss as to what to make out of it that didn’t look too little girl or “guess who repurposed a tablecloth?”  I finally decided to to troll through the really old copies of Burda World of Fashion I have in my garage.  These date back to times when the pattern sheets were not totally crammed with patterns and tracing off was much easier.  I also wanted to justify keeping a couple dozen copies of old pattern magazines.

So after much looking and dithering I decided on a simple shell.  This one is from 3/1999 #117.  I only added 2″ to the length of the body, other than that I made it as writ.  Nothing too outlandish, princess seams, small bust darts and a one piece neck/armhole facing with a back invisible zipper.  I didn’t follow the directions (which were as brief then as they are today) but this was pretty darn straight forward.

I’m glad I looked through the old patterns (1999-2002ish) since there are a lot of good basic shapes in there and if high waist pants reemerge, I’ve got a collection of patterns from which to choose.  There were also many good skirts, blouses and dresses as well as my love of old – coats!  Too hot to think about coats right now though.  Happy 1999!



There has been a bit of sewing around here!  I know, finally she gets off her ass and makes something.  I’ve seriously lost my momentum so hopefully this latest make will help my mojo.

That said, my top is not done for lack of an appropriate zipper.  I had no light colored zips in the zip box!  Crikey, so instead of finishing my top I made zucchini bread.

I know, zucchini bread is trial and scourge upon humanity.  I like it, so bwah!  Now I don’t have a garden and don’t grow stupid amounts of it, but I did buy some young zuchs at the farm stand and used those.  I used this Zucchini Bread recipe which is all about cinnamon.  Plus you get to squeeze the liquid out of your shredded zucchini and that’s fun.  Really.

Hopefully I’ll get my top finished soon.  I’d thought to bring it to work on the 4th of July since I was scheduled to go to Honolulu, but fortunately for me I was able to get rid of the trip.  Sure I’ll have to pick up another one, but I so hate working holidays.  So now I’ve got a summery top almost done and no place to wear it.  Except for here I guess, where it’s been about 90 for days!  Stay cool friends!


I just came back from a few days in Copenhagen and have nothing to show for it except jet lag and tight waistbands from eating all the pastries I could find.  As you do.  Oh and clogs ’cause I ran over to Sweden one day.

So hopefully I’ll finish my baby blanket before the little girl hits college (only 8″ to go really) and I’ve got two sweaters and two pairs of socks started.  I’d like to sew something too but have no clue what to make.  Every time I decide on a project I rethink it.  I guess that means hold your horses until you get a clear idea.  Or the jet lag clears.

So back to work to pay for all the fun.