I just came back from a few days in Copenhagen and have nothing to show for it except jet lag and tight waistbands from eating all the pastries I could find.  As you do.  Oh and clogs ’cause I ran over to Sweden one day.

So hopefully I’ll finish my baby blanket before the little girl hits college (only 8″ to go really) and I’ve got two sweaters and two pairs of socks started.  I’d like to sew something too but have no clue what to make.  Every time I decide on a project I rethink it.  I guess that means hold your horses until you get a clear idea.  Or the jet lag clears.

So back to work to pay for all the fun.


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  1. Have you sewn any culottes lately? I’m trying to get inspired and my brain keeps telling me a nice little A-line would suffice…

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