There has been a bit of sewing around here!  I know, finally she gets off her ass and makes something.  I’ve seriously lost my momentum so hopefully this latest make will help my mojo.

That said, my top is not done for lack of an appropriate zipper.  I had no light colored zips in the zip box!  Crikey, so instead of finishing my top I made zucchini bread.

I know, zucchini bread is trial and scourge upon humanity.  I like it, so bwah!  Now I don’t have a garden and don’t grow stupid amounts of it, but I did buy some young zuchs at the farm stand and used those.  I used this Zucchini Bread recipe which is all about cinnamon.  Plus you get to squeeze the liquid out of your shredded zucchini and that’s fun.  Really.

Hopefully I’ll get my top finished soon.  I’d thought to bring it to work on the 4th of July since I was scheduled to go to Honolulu, but fortunately for me I was able to get rid of the trip.  Sure I’ll have to pick up another one, but I so hate working holidays.  So now I’ve got a summery top almost done and no place to wear it.  Except for here I guess, where it’s been about 90 for days!  Stay cool friends!


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  1. I used to make Zucchini bread all the time, as well as carrot cake (before carrot cake was known here, and people thought I was crazy). Happy Fourth, glad you are off.

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