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All done!

Finishing touches have been applied to my gingham top and matching zipper procured.  For this particular make I’d bought some gingham from Fabrix when I should have been elsewhere, doing something else.  But, as happens, when you put a fabric store next to several of my favorite dim sum bakeries, chaos ensues and gingham is bought with a pork bun side.

After buying the gingham I was at a loss as to what to make out of it that didn’t look too little girl or “guess who repurposed a tablecloth?”  I finally decided to to troll through the really old copies of Burda World of Fashion I have in my garage.  These date back to times when the pattern sheets were not totally crammed with patterns and tracing off was much easier.  I also wanted to justify keeping a couple dozen copies of old pattern magazines.

So after much looking and dithering I decided on a simple shell.  This one is from 3/1999 #117.  I only added 2″ to the length of the body, other than that I made it as writ.  Nothing too outlandish, princess seams, small bust darts and a one piece neck/armhole facing with a back invisible zipper.  I didn’t follow the directions (which were as brief then as they are today) but this was pretty darn straight forward.

I’m glad I looked through the old patterns (1999-2002ish) since there are a lot of good basic shapes in there and if high waist pants reemerge, I’ve got a collection of patterns from which to choose.  There were also many good skirts, blouses and dresses as well as my love of old – coats!  Too hot to think about coats right now though.  Happy 1999!


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