Made Up Sutton Ave. with REAL Unicorns

It took a while to find a wall to coordinate with the unicorns, but I did it.

When I was a kid I lived on Sutton Avenue.  Here is True Bias’s Sutton Blouse.  While Sutton Avenue was a fine place, it didn’t have unicorns so I made the upgrade for Sutton Blouse.  As one does.

Here is my humble addition to Karen’s Made Up Initiative whereby sewists can pledge money for literacy and make a sewing intention to complete before September 10(?) with fabulous prizes as a further incentive.  I chose something super duper easy to make in this Sutton Blouse pattern.  I didn’t have to make a muslin, or fit it until the cows come home.  I don’t really have that kind of time or concentration right now, but I can make a pull over blouse.  Easy!

I found the unicorn fabric at Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley and HAD to have it.  It doesn’t really look weird from a distance, it just looks like prancing horses (a la Ralph Lauren) but it you take a second glance you notice it’s unicorns.  And it’s freaking funny and comes in various colorways.  The fabric itself is a polyester crepe that was easy to work with and pressed pretty darn well.  Quality unicorns.

The Sutton Blouse pattern is pretty much perfect.  It’s easy to make, looks good and is wearable.  I’ve even started another version in cotton lawn, and I never do that.  French seams throughout (except for side seams – serged those) and great instructions for new sewists.  You can make this in one day if you’re that motivated, or it’s easy to stop and start over a matter of days without losing your place (my method if I’m honest).

So good for Karen to raise some money for literacy and for jump starting my sewing machine.  Check out Karen’s blog for more information. #MadeUpmade-up-blog-button-ii



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