Sutton Lawn

Side view for split hem detail. Frontal scrubs look.

Wasn’t it Britney Spears who said those immortal words “oops I did it again”?  Well this blouse is kind of like that.

I’ve made another Sutton Blouse because I could.  I had this cotton lawn stashed, and the pattern was still out on the table so I thought why not?  I like the first one, it’s like a tee only different.  But easy.

So True Bias Sutton Blouse, cotton lawn from Stonemountain and Daughter and no pattern modifications.  Just made it up slowly and today I finally got sick of looking at the unhemmed blouse and hemmed it.  It took no time at all and it’s a good day to wear it since it’s freaking hot.

Any cons to this pattern?  Well I took more care with the neck staystitching since it tends to gap  a bit (it’s bias grainline) so I staystitched and machine eased a bit (that’s when you put a finger behind the feed dogs and accordion up the fabric to make it a touch smaller – just a bit though).  The neck is less gappy here in cotton than in the poly crepe of the last version, both are fine but I’m just nitpicking my technique.

Although I think this floral version is a bit “scrubs” but I still like it.  This fabric is dreamy to wear and I’ve got a few more fabrics stashed that would make nice Suttons.


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