Sewing sweaters

Hanging out in the corner.

Every month at work I’m on call 3 days and 99% of the time I get assigned a trip immediately and life goes on.  Today I have no trip assigned and am mooching around the house just standing by.  I can’t really do much since I could be called in and don’t want to get the call in the middle of something.  Thanks to this, I have time to finish a few projects.  Today I finished this Linden Sweatshirt that I’d cut out a few weeks ago.

Print placement.

Linden Sweatshirt pattern is from Grainline Studio and is a raglan top with sleeve and hemline variations.  The pattern is super easy and I sewed it up using my serger – super quick!

The fabric I wanted to use is some Italian merino wool sweater knit I picked up at Mood last spring and has been aging in the stash.  I’m sure I had a plan when I bought this fabric because it was a bit expensive (for me) but can’t for the life of me remember what the plan was.  After much agonizing on how to best use this fabric, I decided on Linden.  Adding to my indecision was the fabric has big/little print going on, so pattern placement had to thought through.  I ended up placing the smaller print at the top and bigger at the bottom, much like real life.

The only pattern alterations I made were to make the top more A-line since I find Grainline patterns more straight up and down than I am.  My fabric spread a bit when cut and I found the neckband pattern piece to be too small so I used my usual method of neckband calculation of measuring the neckband (26″ in my case) and made my neckband 85% of that (22″ here) add a bit for seam allowance and made mine 2.5″ wide.  The other change I made was to skip the twin needle stitch down of the neck and sleeve bands since my merino fabric is so well behaved and sometimes twin needling makes thinks wobbly.  So it was good enough.

Another sweater for my closet and lots more stash to work through.

A better look at the color in natural light.


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  1. Love the top and the grey sweater. Gorgeous fabric and it worked really well for this top.

    Wish my heating element would shut down so I can wear pullovers again.

  2. Love the fabric!
    I also found that the neckband that came with the pattern was a tad short, and a bit too narrow for my liking, so just like you I redrew it (just less scientifically – I just added “a smidge” to both length and width 😀 ).

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