Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Fave Top with weird fabric.

Hello friends and Happy Thanksgiving if that’s a holiday you’re celebrating.  I’m lucky enough not to be working today and have been making desserts for the meal later today.  I made a pecan pie (with chocolate – Lindt chocolate of course) and a pumpkin cheesecake.  I’d link to pictures but  A.  I didn’t take any, and B. Flickr keeps changing their interface and it’s getting quite cumbersome for me to figure out how to get the info to embed an image here.  Well you know what pie looks like, and mine looks like that.  Both recipes are new to me so if they’re uber delish I’ll post them. Otherwise.

I’ve got a quick top to share.  This is Tessuti Our Fave Top and is one of their free patterns.  It was well drafted and sewn on the serger and using a twin needle for hems and edges.  So it took no time to sew.  It is essentially a big rectangle with sleeves and droopy sides.  Good for running around the house and good for just freaking making something!

The fabric is a mystery knit from one of those fabric stores in the NYC fabric district that is constantly “Going Out of Business”.  It was raining and I ducked in and one of the ladies working there was HI–larious.  This place was STUFFED with fabric all on big rolls just leaning everywhere.  You couldn’t see the stock in the back of the piles if you wanted to.  WTF?  I did buy this striped knit (hello glitter stripes) and some heavy slinky black knit for almost nothing (cash price – HA!) and moseyed on down to Broadway and B&J Fabrics which couldn’t be better organized if they wanted to.  B&J had the wool I wanted for another Tessuti jacket pattern, but alas haven’t had time to do more than stick the pattern together.  Soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving or Thursday as the case may be!

P.s.  Sorry for the crap photo, my iPhone seems to want to focus on the framed photo of me as a high school senior on the sideboard, rather than me as a live person who owns the freaking phone.  (Shakes fist).


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  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Glad you had the day off. Wow, what a comfy looking top, and rather cute too. I’d love too see a closeup of that high school photo though!

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