Slow sewing, is that a thing?

I got up at 3am for work, so this really isn’t too hideous a look.

Hi All!  I hope the holidays were good for all and I’m sure, like me, glad to get back to things.  Not much crafting was done, lots of baking and candy making though.  It’s not Christmas without caramels!

But now on to some sewing.  One of my favorite ways to sew is to watch football and sew.  My machines face the TV across the room and the start and stop action of football almost begs that you do something else while the play.  Now I have no special fondness for the teams currently playing in the post season and this year we in the San Francisco area have been inflicted with the Super Bowl.  I know of no one who thinks hosting this drunken boondoggle is a good idea and in fact they’ve already begun closing whole swathes of SF to prepare the stages and NFL village stuff.  Personally, I’ve made sure I’m not working until this mess is over since the traffic will be a nightmare.  That gives me time to sew, right!

Currently I’m making Grainline’s Morris Blazer.  This is a cute little unlined jacket and if I can get the fit right, will make about a million of them.  My night shots of a black garment aren’t great but I’m using an odd knit fabric that is two layers of poly knit that have tiny dots on the right side and stripes on the wrong.  I like the dots, but the stripes are pretty cool.  My results with Grainline patterns have been mixed.  I could never get the Scout Tee to work for me, but the Linden sweatshirt is great.  The Morris blazer seems to be a bit tight over my back and biceps, not unwearable since it’s a knit but enough to make me consider altering the pattern a smidge.  I shall have a better idea when I’ve finished the garment.  I may make it up again in some stretch woven to see if it’s just my fabric.

The pattern itself is a breeze and the instructions are very thorough.  I was able to cut it out and sew up the body (without facings) in just a few hours.  A good project for advanced beginner skills to give you confidence.

Now I’m off to NY where it’s cold, but I don’t have to stay too long.  Stay warm peeps.


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