Cinnamon bun cake

It smells amazing. Just cut it like a cake so you can have a bite or an embarrassing amount.

Just so I remember to make this more often, I’m sharing this Cinnamon Bun Cake that is cooling as I type.  The recipe is from Scandilicious Baking and I make it as written except always need a bit more flour and of course use the Kitchenaid mixer to make the dough. Cinnamon bun cake.

Diamonds take forever

I’m trying to show the pretty lace points. See them?

Even I got sick of looking at this almost completed scarf, and that is really saying something.  Yesterday I decided to finish this scarf I started almost two freaking years ago, basically because I’d just bought some more yarn for a new project and thought I should clear out a corner of space for the new.

I’m showing off my messy closet here.

This scarf is “A Little Romance” by Dani Berg and I used Quince Tern in color Mist.  The pattern is lovely, the yarn is fabulous and any delays were due to my flawed nature.  I made the pattern up as written, and rather strangely for me, in the yarn used in the pattern.  No changes at all.

After I decided to finish this up, it took about an hour of knitting.  Sigh.  I suck.  I immediately wove in the ends and blocked it to keep riding this wave of enthusiasm.  As you can see it’s quite nice and should not have taken almost two years.

So I’ll wear my diamond lace scarf and think about how long it takes to make diamonds in nature.  Almost as long as it takes to make diamonds at my house.

Diamonds all in a row.