Knee time

Small stripes make for crazy strobing in pics. Sorry!

Despite being home recovering (slowly!) from get my knee fixed and not working, I keep thinking I should be getting more done.  It seems the more time I have, the more other stuff I do, hence I’ve got two little sewing projects to share that I’ve managed to finish between PT sessions and acupuncture.

First is another Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio using some really old striped knit I picked up in NYC on a layover.  I actually remember buying it because my crew members came with me shopping because they thought it was so weird that I sewed.  I digress, the knit is a small blue stripe of a nice quality.  Linden is a pretty easy pattern that goes together quite quickly on my serger.  This version I topstitched the hem and neck edges with my twin needle to keep them down during laundering, but I find this causes the seams to ripple.  They look super nice before topstitching, then ripples.  I sometimes skip this step since I can’t figure out how to mitigate this rippling, other than buying a coverstitch machine (which would be awesome!) but since I’m not working this month, not a great idea.

The other finished success are a pair of Prefontaine Shorts as a little thanks for a friend.  This particular friend has been the recipient of a few pairs of my cotton flannel pj bottoms and wondered if I could make something cooler since she lives in LA.  Hmmm, I thought some sleep shorts may work on hot nights so I used the Prefontaine pattern I’d previously bought.  The shorts are cute and easy to make and the elastic I used at the waist is called pajama elastic and is super soft and comfy.  I bought a bit of it so I’ll use it in my next pair of flannel pjs which are waiting to be cut out.

So enough of my spring of discontent, I am indeed healing up and will hope to get back to work next month.  Isn’t it funny that I’d looked forward to a bit of a break and now I want to go back to work/normal?  Human nature is a funny thing.  Hope you’re all well!

Cotton with knit jersey binding. Hopefully sleep worthy.