Tee for me

Not bad fit.

After reading about Bootstrap Fashion on Novita’s blog I thought I’d give them a try.  This site offers patterns that can be customized to your measurements and then you print it out and sew it up.  Potentially no tweaking the fit.  Also the majority of the patterns are about $3.  Not much to lose.

Back bow detail.

I wanted to try with a basic silhouette to see how my self measuring worked.  I chose Knit Tee with Back Bow since it was pretty straight forward, but had a cute back detail.  I added my measurements, bought the pattern which was emailed to me a few minutes later and I stuck it together and cut it out.  I sewed this up in a few hours total. The only thing to note is that the sewing instructions are pretty minimal and would be of no use to a beginner.  It would make me leery to try a more complicated pattern since the instructions don’t seem to be good.

As you can see, the fit is pretty good.  The shoulders are too narrow but I must have measured my shoulder width wrong.  I’ll go in and adjust this in my saved measurements and I want to try another pattern to see if that helps my fit.  I think a simple woven blouse would be a good test and since it’s only $3 and I use my stashed fabric, I really don’t have much to lose!  Viva technology!

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  1. That looks really great on you. The fit of t-shirts is something that should be easy (stretch!) but often isn’t, at least for me. I have very t-shirts that I actually like to wear.

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