Custom Nautical

NO thought given to pattern placement.

I’ve completed another blouse to test out the fit of the Bootstrap Fashion custom pattern concept.  I hope you can see that the fit is quite good from my rather bad photos.  The back shot shows wrinkles because I’m standing funny, but the fit is better in the back since I tweaked one or two of the measurements I put in.

The pattern I chose was a fitted woven blouse with short sleeves.  I’d assumed the lace shown in the drawing was an applique, but rather oddly one is asked to cut some 2″ lace and sew it to the edge you finish.  What that meant pattern wise was that the front yoke and sleeve had a whole bit missing where lace would go.  As I’d not wanted lace I just made new patterns for the front yoke and sleeve, both with mediocre success.  I kind of had to guess on the sleeve width since you aren’t given any measurement for the length of lace you’d supposedly add, and the front yoke should really be redrafted with a front facing piece.  My yoke is a smidge too long making it not lay flat against my clavicle and my sleeve curves are guesses.

The body of the blouse fits will and doesn’t gap at the bust or pull across the shoulders.  I would like to peruse the Bootstrap patterns and try another woven blouse with sleeves to test the fit of their sleeve pattern instead of my guess.  So far my Bootstrap Fashion experiment has been positive, but would be leery about a very complicated sew since the instructions are quite brief.  They make Burda look excessively wordy.

So a good fit on this test blouse made from cotton from the stash.  I shall try another Bootstrap Fashion style to get a handle on their sleeve fit.  Stash diving ahead!  Happy long weekend.