Gray ginger

Well they fit, I’ll say that.

For a while there I was starting many sewing and knitting projects and then flitting off on another tangent.  I still need to finish a few more things to get the sewing deck cleared, but these Ginger Jeans are done!

I’d bought this bottom weight cotton stretch fabric at Joann(?) ages ago and couldn’t remember what I’d planned for it.  Well Ginger Jeans are always a good idea since I’ve got that pattern pretty well tweaked to my arse.  As you can see they do fit well and are pretty easy to sew up.  The only problem with these is the crap fabric.  The reverse of the fabric is light colored and in a few places the top stitching created a pull that shows up on the right side as a white line.  Argh.  I have played with different types of needles for the top stitching to stop this horror.  I then used a black sharpie to color in the white lines so they don’t show, at least now before laundering.

Side on.

The inside of these trousers are made from some floral cotton I’d had leftover from a skirt and honestly this is my favorite part of these.  My overall sewing of these is not of the highest quality since I didn’t like the fabric’s behavior and don’t know if they’ll get worn much.  I guess I’ll have to see if anyone likes them and if the crap fabric wears at all well.

Luckily I have a nice piece of denim to make a real pair of Gingers once I finish a couple more sewing projects that are cut and waiting.  But no more new projects until something else gets finished.  Pinky swear.

The pretty floral inside.

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  1. I tried to use a sharpie to hid the former hemline on a pair of jeans that I lengthened but it washed out. Fortunately, in the latest Nordstrom catalog, they are showing jeans with the hems pulled out and frayed on the bottom and all the lines showing. At last I am on trend!

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