Under the mending pile…

Where the F were you last week?!

Last week I ripped out my EZ-V Neck sweater because I didn’t have enough yarn.  I was a bit puzzled as I thought I’d purchased enough worsted weight yarn to make a pullover based on a general yardage consensus for the size sweater I was planning.  I got to the end and didn’t have enough yarn to finish the neck.  I ended up ripping it out because it wasn’t going to be the sweater I’d wanted.  I’ve got some pink yarns and will make a striped sweater from the green.  Annoying, but not a tragedy.

So the other day I’m tidy up my pile of “mending” (I don’t mend but that’s another story) and found a skein of this yarn under said pile.  WTF!  One the one hand I’d ripped out the sweater already and couldn’t just make it whole again.  On the other hand I KNEW I had enough yarn and wasn’t insane.  My math skills are really rather good you know.

Argh!  Life, she is so crazy.

So I will show you the green yarn in it’s present incarnation when it looks like something other than a little pile of nothing.  It’s now going to be a top down sweater because running out of yarn will not happen again, but top down sweater beginnings are not so blog worthy.

Also, please be assured that the “mending” pile is now in a Goodwill bag and there is nothing lurking there anymore.

Go green or go home

I beg to differ, I've got a few tears here...

I beg to differ, I’ve got a few tears here…

So look, I’m almost done with the EZ-V neck sweater.  Unfortunately I’ve run out of yarn and can’t get more.  Yup, despite buying what I thought was enough (almost 1100 yards of worsted weight), I don’t have enough to finish the back neck and make a neck ribbing.  Dude!  Sucks!

So I’m going to put on my big girl pants and frog this almost sweater.  I initially wanted to add some pink accents to this sweater but went with just a solid, now I’m going to add some pink to stretch the yardage.  The good part is my favorite color combo is pink and green so I’ll get a combo sweater I should like.

So today I will watch football and rip out my sweater.  Such is life so I’ll try to take this with patience and grace.  Sigh. And my 49ers better win, otherwise I’m eating a shit ton of xmas cookies.

Edited to add: 49ers lost in OT to a crap team they can’t seem to beat. I am now mainlining Trader Joe’s Pfeffernusse.

How important is a neckhole?

Gee, look how far I’ve gotten on my EZ-V neck sweater!  Uh, what’s up with the big red arrow?  That is there to highlight my glaring error that I JUST noticed.  I started the V-neck NOT in the center of the sweater.  I thought a few times that I should double check the stitch counts but for some reason I didn’t.  Now I shall have to rip back down to where I joined the sleeves to the body and do ALL that over again.

Not happy.  Grrrr.

Uh, what am I forgetting?

I’ve been knitting on my EZ-V sweater tube and I am making it a similar dimension to my favorite JCrew sweater and I noticed that the eternal body tube knitting was nearing and end.  I thought “Great! Now I can start the interesting bit at the shoulder/neck steek stuff.”  What I seem to have forgotten is that I have arms, long ones in fact.  Sleeves please!  Argh!  Sleeves have been started, well sleeve singular.

Really, who forgets sleeves when knitting a sweater?  Me.  Clearly the jetlag is permanent at this point.

Down the tubes

Lest you think I’m incapable of knitting, I present the above evidence.  Yup.  I’m knitting an EZ sweater in the round.   It’s really not too exciting is it?  I do like stockinette though, it’s very wearable.  In this project I’m using Spun Out #21 “Set-In Sleeve Seamless Sweater with V-Neck”.  I guess I could nickname this SISSSWVN, but that’s not very catchy is it?  As you can see I’m on the body tube now and I knit as much as my elbows allow.  Progress is slow, but onward! as EZ would say.

Mojo hunting

Not much crafting has been done these past few weeks.  Between the stress and aggravation of being an unwilling nurse and the freaking heat, my time and mojo have been MIA.  Sad, that.

When I did knit, I began knitting on “Set-In Sleeve Seamless Sweater with V-Neck” from Spun Out #21.  I swatched and calculated and started knitting my sweater.  I knit 2×2 rib for 1″ and then hit the road with stockinette in the round.  Perfect mindless knitting.  Unfortunately, after knitting up the first skein I couldn’t keep ignoring the fact that the 1″ of ribbing kept flipping over like a taco (I”m hungry so all metaphors will be food related).  Well that can be blocked, it’s wool after all.

Nope, that was stinkin’ thinkin’.  Why not just do it properly and rip out the knitting and knit a longer bit or ribbing?  Why not indeed, so that is what you see in the most boring picture of a WIP ever.  I’m knitting ribbing. <yawn>

I did come across two very cute patterns though.  One is Marin by Ysolda Teague.  Isn’t it pretty and totally not lace?  I’ve kind of taken against the all lace extravaganzas since I don’t think they’re wearable for me.  Also I live right by the Marin Civic and it puts me in a homey frame of mind.  I purchased the pattern immediately but don’t have any suitable yarn to start that project.

When researching some patterns for the gorgeous Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace skein from my swap partner Kat, I came across this pretty scarf pattern.  It’s Utsukushii Wrap by Jennifer Dassau.  It’s just the right blend of lace and not lace for my taste.  Plus it’s super pretty!  And it’s a freebie!  What’s not to like?  I’ll try to finish my current sock-as-travel-project before starting the lace, but this Utsukushii looks like good travel knitting.

I may feel the mojo stirring, or it could just be the wine…

A rose by any other name is still crochet

Because I’ve only got 2.5 balls of yarn left to finish  Something Silver, I realized this would be a good time to start swatching for the V-neck Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater I plan on knitting next.  I wanted to see if I could use some of the pink yarns that I love so much with the green.  My fave color combo!

What you see above is a knitted swatch.  I KNOW!  It looks just like crochet!  English Rose Tweed sounded so nice, the reality is more granny square tweed than anything.  Some of my other stitch swatches were unbelievably awful.  This was the pick of the litter.  Worry not, they’re all frogged into the ether.

I think I may just forget the pink idea and knit a plain green sweater with no faux crochet elements.  Or may just sneak in a small stripe or two to satisfy my Lilly Pulitzer moment.