What I didn’t buy

When you see the button sculpture you know you’re in the right place! Love that!

I was good.  Very good.  I was sent to NYC (for work) on Monday on my reserve days for an overnight.  Without boring you too much, 3 days a month I’m “on call” and the notice to go can be minimal (two hours).  So I was sent to NYC and had a long enough layover that we stay in town (rather than the airport hotels for short nights – which is much more usual!).

When faced with a bit of time in NY I like to go down to the garment district and buy fabric.  Who wouldn’t?  But this past week I’ve been reorganizing my fabric stash and ended up donating a great many bits and pieces I’d never realistically use.  In the face of that, buying more fabric that didn’t have a specific project in mind was a bad idea, not to mention a waste of money.

Going forward I’d like to keep the stash of fabric and yarn to a minimum because I find that when I buy fabric/yarn with no specific pattern or use, it ends up languishing in the big plastic bins in the garage.  If I buy a fabric with a pattern in mind, it gets used.  So it only makes sense to buy fabric when I’ve selected a pattern I’d like to make up.  Get me, how mature am I?!

Since my next project will probably be a Hollyburn skirt in some wool crepe that I’ve preshrunk using this method, I ended up buying 14 zippers.  That may seem like a bunch but they’re much cheaper and better quality than the C&C crap at Joann’s.  So 14 invisible zippers of various sizes was my haul!  Not too sexy or exciting, but I did paw the gorgeous Liberty cotton lawn prints at B&J Fabrics before deciding that I wasn’t ready to pull that particular trigger.  Plus I love all the prints and choosing would have been agonizing.  Plus-plus it’s $37/yard so it’s good to be sure.  I shall certainly buy some Liberty as my shirt skills have come along nicely, but in time.

So I shall sew from the stash for a few more projects and the warm, sunny weather is putting me in the mood for cotton dresses.  Luckily I’ve got fabric for that.  Quite a bit.  Now to find a pattern and time!

Yards and yards of love

A first taste of purchases – these are the two that I think I’ll use first.

I was forced to buy fabric.  Really.  It was probably the last, best thing I’ve done.  Since then my week has been absolute shit.  I’m now intimately familiar with the deductible on my car insurance.  My other car’s smog check is now turning into a multi-day slog and the upcoming lunar eclipse can only spell disaster for me.

So let’s focus on the fabric.  I’ll just start by showing the first two pieces I think I’m going to use.  It’s a bit dull to see a big old pile of fabric in posts so I’ll bore you little by little.  The other day I got sent to New York and actually had a layover in Manhattan.  It’s not too often I get a long layover, mostly I stay by the airport.  It was a beautiful day so I thought I’d spend a bit of time down in the fabric district picking up some yardage.  I didn’t spend much money and I only had about two hours but I made the most of it.  I went to my favorite haunts from FIT days and they’d all moved around (except Mood) but Steinlauf and Stoller had the EXACT same dusty window display from my time there in the mid 1990s.  Love that, and love them since they have everything you’ll ever need notion wise.

So the fabrics, above is a sweater knit merino/cotton Italian fabric from Mood for a luxurious slouchy top.  Bottom fabric is cotton from B&J Fabrics that is much lighter than quilting cotton but a bit heavier than voile.  Perfect for a tailored blouse.  I’d not been to B&J since they moved to 7th Avenue (@38th St. 2nd floor – you’re welcome).  Their fabrics are on headers on racks so you can easily see prints and feel the hand.  Nice!  Plus it’s quicker, time is money people.

So those are my plans but my crap luck may alter those plans somewhat.  Plus I’m going to have to go back to work soon and they’ll be some long trips.  Sigh.  I’ll get over my bad self, don’t worry.  Hope you’re all well!