“…you’re gonna make it after all.” Sing it with me now.

Remember Mary Tyler Moore?  I remember watching the show on the rerun TV station in the pre-cable world.  I adored Mary and her lovely clothes.  I didn’t really understand the social themes until much later, but still a good show.  Plus who doesn’t adore Betty White as a cougar extraordinaire.

I digress.  This morning while rambling around downtown Minneapolis I came upon Mary, and yes she did make me smile.  Did I mention it was on 20 degrees?  Right outside Macy’s, here’s a lovely statue of the famous Mary hat toss.  I shall have to look for some Mary episodes to watch!  Until then, enjoy my layover eye candy.

Lemon love

Oh yes, it’s as good as it looks…

Although I’m trying to reduce the amount of sugar I eat, I had a hot burning to make this lemon yogurt cake that I came across the other day.  I am rather glad I did because it’s really delicious and stupidly easy to make.  This is one of those instances where the effort that went into making the cake was extremely small compared to the moist delicious lemon cake I ended up with.  If you make it, just follow the recipe and don’t reinvent the wheel.

Because none of my crafty efforts are worthy of an entry I shall post a couple of photos that cracked me up this weekend when I was at work.

This bag is sticking out 6″ from the edge of the bin. I’m almost sure that won’t work.

I saw this bag the other day and just had to take a piccie. The lady nicely put up her bag, pushed it in all the way and saw it didn’t go any further, shrugged and sat down. It’s hanging out about 6″.  There was room to turn it btw and yes I did fix it.  This cracked me up for some reason, maybe I should make this my wallpaper.  Perhaps it’s only funny to me?

Can we have class outside today Miss?

Remember when you were in grade school and you’d beg the teacher to have class outside? I assume that kids do that all over and not just here in California?  That’s what this reminded me of, that schoolkid wish.  I was walking in Kansas City to the most fabulous bbq place a mile from my hotel in the 90+ degree heat.  I wanted ribs dammit – it’s KC!  I came upon this little scene and started making up possible scenarios to explain it.  Since the chairs were outside a business that sold “security and alarm systems” I imagined a burglar gang broke in and rearranged the furniture as a definite thumbing of the nose to the security company.  Or it’s a really badly attended church service.  Or one of the six weddings (no joke that) taking place at our hotel ran out of chairs and an SOS was sent out for “more chairs STAT!”

Happy Monday!

Snow, seriously

Can I Photoshop all that snow into grass?

I am working because I am not the type to come to a cold place for fun.  Yes I CAN ski and board, but honestly I haven’t in ages because I hate being cold.  Which is probably good that I knit.

I’ve not been home a lot these past few weeks, just long enough to wash a uniform and repack so I completely missed the fact that I’d be in Jackson Hole today and that it probably won’t be very warm.  Yes I’ve got my coat and mittens but no snow appropriate shoes or the will to find a way the one mile into downtown to do touristy shit.  I could in fact snowboard since I am right next to a ski resort, but unless I can do it in my pjs or my (now very tight) jeans and my work uniform peacoat, that shit ain’t happening.  So today I’ve decided to knit while looking at the snow and crank the heat to 76 degrees.  Netflix may also enter the picture.  Yes, glamorous isn’t it?

The sock is admiring the snow out the window and happy to be inside.

My poor little sock is only a bit farther along than when last you saw it, which is not the fault of the Crazy Zauberball yarn – just a nasty December schedule.  It reminds me of the Trekking sock yarn, and in fact I’m wearing my favorite Trekking socks right now (in the 76 degree heat).  I hope the Zauberball wears like Trekking.  Sure, it’s not a glamorous fancypants sock yarn, but these Trekking socks have worn like a champ and the pills just give them character.

So now with my afternoon planned I’ll set my alarm for 4am and knit in the warmth!  I hope y’all had a great Christmas!  I cooked and ate and ate and ate….

Day and night

This morning my view was of Las Vegas.

Tonight it’s a view of Atlanta.

I know this picture of Atlanta is odd, but I love the effect of the camera phone here.  I thought it looked a touch Starry Night-ish, though the stars here are hidden by the clouds.  It was too good to delete and retake.

Tomorrow you ask?  My view will be from my bed.  At home.  Good times.

If it’s Tuesday…

There is an old movie called “If It’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium” where a tour group goes through a nine country, 18 day itinerary and hilarity ensues.  Well, I don’t remember if it’s actually funny since I saw it on some late show rerun ages ago, but you get the idea.  My version is “If it’s Tuesday, This Must by Philadelphia”.  Not hilarious, but still a nice enough layover.

Above is my Kinneared picture of Philadelphia City Hall and those cars are stopped and not about to hit me.  Had you going, didn’t I?

I’ve got no crafty updates, I don’t even bring craft with me on my trips to get some time to heal my tendonitis.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t surf.  Carolyn has made some Pocketbook Slippers and I think I must make some for wearing around hotel rooms.  One never knows about the levels of funk in places you don’t clean for yourself .  These easy little slippers would take care of that particular hotel living worry.  Pattern noted.

Good time.

We all scream

Today’s layover eye candy is brought to us by Jeni’s Ice Cream.  Yes, Columbus, Ohio is today’s layover.  It’s 34 degrees, light snow and I thought it’d be an excellent idea to walk one mile to get some Jeni’s and then walk back a mile eating it in the cold.  I hate the cold, so you know I like this ice cream.  I’m not even an ice cream person, but this stuff is yummy.  My choices today are Buckeye and Salted Caramel.  Lovely.  Now I’ve got the heater in my hotel room on 76 degrees trying to warm up.  So worth it.

Around the block in PHL

I arrived in Philadelphia on a layover Sunday afternoon and had to decide whether to take a nap or get some fresh air.  While fresh air after a day on an airplane usually wins, it was in the low 40s and you know I don’t like the cold.  At all.  I eventually opted for the stroll and thoroughly enjoyed my walk.  Carpenters’ Hall struck my fancy this time and it’s a stones throw from all the biggies in American Revolutionary history.  Now I’ve seen most of these landmarks already on previous trips, but the lovely shadows on a late winter day made my walk especially charming.  iPhone pics are all I’ve got, but I hope you get the idea.

I don’t do the dew

I must admit that any knowledge I possess is limited.  I will never be an asset to your quiz team.  I’m ok with that though.  Here again is another thing I knew nothing about – this is a track built under my hotel room window wherein people (I only saw young men) ride bikes and motorbikes up and down these massive jumps and do tricks while going very fast.  While their skills amazed me, I must admit that I was thinking of the future first class holidays being banked by orthopedic doctors on behalf of those riders.

Now those riders were rather adorable and friendly, they would do their thing across the street, ride off the track, across the street, into our hotel lobby and up the elevator (bikes only – no motorbikes).  Very efficient.  This event didn’t go too late (it is SLC afterall) and the band after the races finished at 11pm (I had to be at work at 5am!).  All is well right?  No, the earth movers and dump trucks worked on that dang track all night!  I don’t think that was quite fair, but there it is.

Luckily I’d had a super awesome day with Cheryl who kindly picked me up and took me to the Greek Festival down the block.  We had yummy food and sips of Greek wine with Greek music to entertain us.  Delish!  I forced Cheryl to take me to her local yarn shop so I could look for a yarn to make a scarf to coordinate with my raspberry coat (still making the pattern fyi).

Blazing Needles is one of the best shops I’ve been to.  Excellent stock with a wonderful atmosphere.  I was quite at home on my first visit.  Cheryl even put up with me shoving balls of yarn onto her neck to determine if the yarn was soft enough to be scarf worthy.  Two skeins of Taiyo were procured and then we met up with Margene for a bit of knitting and conversation.  A wonderful day!  Thanks to Cheryl and Margene!

My destination the next day was meant to be San Francisco (I bid layovers at home!) but alas we were rerouted to San Juan (they got the San right anyway).  I think it was because of my well known love of tropical storms and PR was getting a bit of TS Maria.  When is hurricane season over?  I can’t take the pressure…