I don’t do the dew

I must admit that any knowledge I possess is limited.  I will never be an asset to your quiz team.  I’m ok with that though.  Here again is another thing I knew nothing about – this is a track built under my hotel room window wherein people (I only saw young men) ride bikes and motorbikes up and down these massive jumps and do tricks while going very fast.  While their skills amazed me, I must admit that I was thinking of the future first class holidays being banked by orthopedic doctors on behalf of those riders.

Now those riders were rather adorable and friendly, they would do their thing across the street, ride off the track, across the street, into our hotel lobby and up the elevator (bikes only – no motorbikes).  Very efficient.  This event didn’t go too late (it is SLC afterall) and the band after the races finished at 11pm (I had to be at work at 5am!).  All is well right?  No, the earth movers and dump trucks worked on that dang track all night!  I don’t think that was quite fair, but there it is.

Luckily I’d had a super awesome day with Cheryl who kindly picked me up and took me to the Greek Festival down the block.  We had yummy food and sips of Greek wine with Greek music to entertain us.  Delish!  I forced Cheryl to take me to her local yarn shop so I could look for a yarn to make a scarf to coordinate with my raspberry coat (still making the pattern fyi).

Blazing Needles is one of the best shops I’ve been to.  Excellent stock with a wonderful atmosphere.  I was quite at home on my first visit.  Cheryl even put up with me shoving balls of yarn onto her neck to determine if the yarn was soft enough to be scarf worthy.  Two skeins of Taiyo were procured and then we met up with Margene for a bit of knitting and conversation.  A wonderful day!  Thanks to Cheryl and Margene!

My destination the next day was meant to be San Francisco (I bid layovers at home!) but alas we were rerouted to San Juan (they got the San right anyway).  I think it was because of my well known love of tropical storms and PR was getting a bit of TS Maria.  When is hurricane season over?  I can’t take the pressure…

Not a normal tourist

Summer in Savannah, it’s getting to be hot and it’s already very sticky.  Lots of tourists around, but what do I do?  Go to CVS and buy hair clips (buy one get one!) and those new nail decal strips to try.  I chose pink glitter for my stumpy nails and will post the before picture now and I’ll see how well they hold up to a day of glamorous work today.  Perhaps the after picture won’t be so bad?

My review on applying thse Sally Hansen Nail Strips – they are a bit fiddly to apply but not difficult.  They’re about $10 at CVS but I got 25% off with a coupon.  If I’d had some nail scissors I could have used less of the strips since my nails are short.  I tried to cut the strip in half to fit two nails instead of one, but with limited success as I only had a nail clipper.  Still, easy enough and much quicker than painting them.  I’ll test them out at work today and I’ll see how they stand the abuse.  Will the disco pink still be so cute tonight?


That’s odd

This odd thing was right down the street from the hotel in Charlotte, NC.  I don’t know what it is as it’s mall adjacent, but I guess it’s a very modern bandshell?  Anyway it was the most interesting thing I saw on my hot, humid, sweaty walk.  When it’s this hot, shade is a good thing, even it looks like aliens provided it.

Delicious rain

Oh Columbus, you are a delicious one!  Today I began a really crap-tastic work trip, well technically today is fine, the next two days will blow hard.  Such is life.  Today is our focus though.  I think those TNNA atendees past and present will recognize Jeni’s Ice Cream in the center and the left represents my lunch from A Taste of Belgium – a crepe filled with goat cheese, spinach, red peppers and balsamic glaze.  It was very delicous.  Jeni devotees may wish to know that my ice cream dish is three mini scoops (from left clockwise):  brown butter almond brittle, Rockmill Golden Ale and apricots and cardamom lime.  I am not an ice cream person but after hearing all the praise I went for it and was glad I did. So very good and not too sweet.  In fact I would love to work my way through their inventory as a fact finding kind of thing.

Now it’s some Summer Chill on Pandora and knitting the first pair of Summer of Socks in the comfy hotel bed while watching the rain.  Tomorrow and the next day will be icky, but today was delicious.



I wouldn’t wish that last week of work on anyone.  If it could go wrong, it did.  At least there were no medical emergencies…

There was also no crafting, just work and sleep.  The best I can do today is an iphone pic from my balcony of a gorgeous tropical morning sky in San Juan from my too short layover yesterday.  I wish I was still there, despite the crazy humidity and subsequent need for mass quantities of hair taming products.

Crafting-wise the pickings are slim here.  It’s hot and knitting doesn’t appeal.  I have to finish my Folded, it’s almost done so I shall try to hunker down.  Travel project is Different Lines which is lovely, just untouched by moi for the past week or so.  Sewing will be represented by Vogue 1235, pattern and material at the ready for cutting.  Time to do so is a definite maybe.

Sorry for the boring, but summer travel season is here which is a total bitch for my schedule.  Luckily I have jury duty in July so I’m actually looking forward to the break.  I’m probably their happiest jury pool member…

San Diego dreaming


I am rather fortunate to have had a nice long layover in San Diego and I forget how lovely this place is.

My hotel room view is of the harbor and on my walks around the surrounding Little Italy neighborhood I managed to find a spectacular bougainvillea and a darn good hamburger.  Now I must sleep since I have to work the overnight flight (boo/hiss).  Sleeping while it’s sunny is just wrong.  Hope your day was lovely too!

Uh, I said a left turn!

When one works domestic trips, one must be open to change.  Since this is clearly not Florida, we were rerouted.  I don’t really mind the changing destinations (that’s just the way it is) but I must point out that St. Louis is a great deal colder than any place in Florida.  Any why does that building under my window look like a Lego?  I’ll pretend the snow is white sand beaches and won’t go outside.  That should do me on this short layover.