Powerball, shmowerball

Well I didn’t win the Powerball tonight so I’d better cancel that bulk buy of yarn and fabric.  Hold please…done.

What I did do was finish my Paulie Cardigan.  I found some yellow buttons at the Joann’s last weekend.  I thought I’d get gray buttons but gray turns out to be incredibly hard to match.  Who knew there was such subtlety to gray?  So yellow buttons were my best bet.  Photo at right is of my boobs in the background, yellow buttons in the foreground.

I dutifully wove in the ends and blocked the cardigan and voila!  Finished.  I love the finished sweater but I did give myself double tennis elbow knitting this up on small needles without adequate break times.  Two acupuncture sessions have begun to help but  I shall be knitting my next sweater with fatter yarn and larger needles.  No word on what sweater that will be.

Sweater details:

Pattern:  Paulie by Isabell Kraemer (free pattern!) my rav link here; Yarn:  Fiber Optic Yarns – Foot Note (lovely stuff); Mods:  I didn’t do any waist shaping and knit a few extra rows to make the raglan lines long enough for my well developed shoulders.  I also didn’t do sleeve decreases until about the elbow level because I didn’t need to.  It’s just that simple.  Try on the sweater and work with the fit you’ve got.  My developed biceps did so not want to be decreased upon.  Only after I passed my enflamed elbows did any decreases happen.  The whole point of the top down sweater is to try it on as you’re going.  I knit on the i-cord edging from the wrong side since it looked nicer to me from that side.  I skipped the shawl collar since there was no way my yarn would want to be squooshed into folding over for ever and ever.  V-neck is fine and dandy.

All in all, I made a very low impact sweater.  I skipped most of the shaping and collar.  I just knit until I needed medical attention and here we have Paulie!

P.s. While it may look like I’ve just returned from the gym in these photos, rest assured these phots are BEFORE I went.  Sadly this was as good as I got today.


First off thanks for the FB birthday greetings!  That was awesome to get so many happy notes!  Yes indeed, Monday was my birthday.  I had a great birthday weekend and am still on vacation.  That’s right, I’ve got two weeks vacation for my birthday.  That is how I roll.

Now you’d think I’d have lots of crafty efforts to share with all that time off, but no.  I don’t.  I’ve still got tennis elbowS and have for the most part stopped with the knitting until the pain subsides.  I did finish the neckband of the Paulie cardie though since I’m itching to knit.  I worked a row now and then, stretched and I seem to have survived.

The neckband is super cute with the icord bind off in contrast color.  It’s a bit of pain to do, but really not much more work than a tubular bind off.  I really want to start the sleeves.  Perhaps I’ll try a row here and there just to test the tendons?

Does anyone have great tennis elbow cure-alls?  I’ve got stretches from my PT and ice the offending elbows.  Any miracle cures?  If not, I’ll have to get going on the sewing since that doesn’t seem to hurt.  Argh!  Such a cute sweater to finish and I can’t work on it (much)…

Body wave

The Paulie Cardie has a body!  Yay!  That took rather an age knitting all that stockinette flat.  The fabric itself has little rows of wonkiness because of my uneven tension, but for the most part it’s fine.  I hope a good blocking will take care of some of the weirdness.

Up next are sleeves…I shall do those in the round because stockinette is so much more fun in the round.  EZ knew what she was talking about there.  I shall have to refresh my mind of the jogless jog technique, but the internet is full of knowledge.

I have one more skein of gray yarn left (420 yds) so I should have enough yarn for sleeves and placket/collar.  Perhaps I should start with the placket and collar?  I need plackets and a neck edge but with possibly insufficient yarn supply, 3/4 length sleeves may be necessary.  I don’t think so, but I’ve just talked myself into placket knitting.  Oh yay!  Picking up and knitting hundreds of stitches…AND an i-cord bind off for dessert.

Oh well, it needs to be done so I might as well get the hard bit over with first.

Pretend progress shots are interesting

I know project shots are dull, but that’s all I’ve got.  I’ve knit a few more stripes on Paulie and finally thought to try it on.  It fits fine.  It’s hard to see with the curled up stockinette held together with an uber technical hair clip, but it fits.  The neck is kinda wide but that’s something I can live with.

Other than this, I’ve got nothing.  Well, if you don’t count granola.  I made almond granola and it’s easy and much more delicious than what you buy.

The well is dry people.  I’ve got nothing and tomorrow is work.  I shall try harder next time.  Kisses!

Not so much with the progress

In an effort to disguise how little I’ve actually knit, I shall present my projects as a group.  With so much to look at you may not notice that they don’t look that much farther along than when last you met.

Top left:  It’s Valentine’s Day so I present you with some pretty tulips.

Top right:  Paulie as seen from the back.  I love this cardie and knit on it here and there.  I don’t travel with this project as it’s too large and suitcase space is precious, but there’s no reason I can’t work on it more.  I shall try harder.

Lower left:  Color Affection.  I love this pattern and was sooo undecided how to place the colors.  I thought I’d start with the gray then work to the blue then red.  I changed my mind last minute and started with the blue.  I hope this looks ok when the red hits the mix.

Lower right:  I finally decided which skirt to make with some lovely stretch babycord that accidentally came home with me from the den of pleasure I call the Stonemountain and Daughter’s half price room.  It’s a good solid steel gray and feels like velvet.  And it was half off.  So it took me ALL DAY yesterday to decide which pattern to sew (I have massive jetlag so this is actually pretty quick).  A-line 70s style skirt with pockets.  Should be nice right?

Stripes on the brain

I think I’m stripe obsessed.  I’m knitting the Paulie cardigan – it’s striped.  I’m dreaming of making a striped Renfrew top but I washed the striped material with some magenta fabric and now it’s got a few blotches (jetlag and laundry don’t mix).  It’s waiting for a hot wash to see what happens.

And then I see this pattern!  Stop already.

How can I possibly resist such striped loveliness?

Today is a dreary, foggy, cloudy day – perfect for crafting and studying.  (That’s for my work thing next week – must pass or no FAA certification…)  Luckily I can study and knit simultaneously.  I plan to sew a bit on the brightest magenta Renfrew top to blow those clouds outside away.  Spring is here, I saw trees flowering in San Francisco on Monday.  No pics as I was driving.  Happy to see the blossoms though.

If you’re more interested in crafty pursuits than making dinner, I can point this Sweet Potato Chili recipe out to you.  Easy and delicious, no one will know it’s so freaking easy to throw together.

Happy February!

Play nicely

My football team did not win, we shall not talk about that.  What did happen and we can discuss is that I ripped out the beginning of my Paulie sweater because I flucked it up, majorly.

Even a casual glance at the beginning of my top down raglan cardigan would show that those raglan lines are too short.  Did I mention this is supposed to be the point where I take the sleeve stitches off and work only body?  Wha?!  I knew my gauge wasn’t that off so I reread the pattern that I was SURE I understood.  Guess who forgot 2 rows out of every 6.  Yes, I left out 1/3 of the rows and did not notice.  Argh!  Plus I don’t think raglan lines should be pointing straight at  my triceps.  Not really the fit I was hoping for.

Of course that horror was ripped and I began again adding in the rows that should be there.  So far so good but I’m getting a bit over garter stitch.  Plus I want to start the stripes!  Sadly this won’t be a travel project so it’s gotta chill for a week while I’m out shaking my money maker.  Don’t they look sad?