Hot scarf of redness

Yay!  A finished thing!  I’ve finished this years contribution to Foster Care to Success’ Red Scarf drive!  I must admit, I do find this a lovely scarf.  But please note at no time did I contemplate keeping a scarf made for a foster kid in college.  That would be VERY wrong.  Plus it’s HOT here and I couldn’t even bring myself to model this outside in the heat, much less think about keeping it.

What we’ve got is the very nice Fast Forward pattern which has you start with a provisional cast on and work to each side.  A good project if you don’t know how much yarn you’ve got.  I knew I had plenty, I just liked those diamonds at the end.

The yarn is handspun by my sister.   I took this from her fiber room last time she wasn’t looking.  It’s about aran weight, most of the time…ah the beauty of handspun.  It’s a lovely, soft wool with some tweedy bits here and there.  It’s more than soft enough to wear on your naked neck, so an excellent choice for a scarf.

I also have some odd scarf requirements.  Since I live in a nice warm climate, if I need a scarf it’s because it’s weirdly cold or I’ve picked a bad vacation destination.  I think a scarf should be long, at least long enough to wrap around your neck twice otherwise why bother.  Then you’ve got to have enough fabric left at the end to make a stylish remainder.  So my scarf is 7″ wide and 84″ long.  Yup, that’s long.  In fact I had to include the (sweaty) pic of me with the scarf wrapped around my neck THREE times.  It’s almost swallowing my head!  Success!

Now if you want to make a scarf or a donation to Foster Care to Success, go there and do your best for them – you’ve got until 15 December to make a scarf!