Hooker shoes

I went shopping with a friend the other day and of course we had to try on inappropriate shoes at the TJ.  These were my hooker shoes.  Sure they’re a size too big and I can’t walk from that spot, but they were very reasonably priced.  Kudos TJ.  Shall we take a closer look at the hooker shoes vs. the flip flops I wore to the store?  That closeup kills me!No, I did not buy the silver surfer shoes you see there.  I did buy the bra in my hand though.  As an aside, I used this bra size calculator and the size it gave me was vastly different to size I’d always been told I was.  I tried a few of the new size bras on and damn, they were spot on – hence the new bra in my hand.

Craft-wise I’ve been doing more ripping than knitting.  I started the Wooly Wormhead 2012 Mystery Hat KAL in some nice alpaca stash yarn and that just wasn’t working with the hat’s stitch pattern.  I ripped it rather than make a hat that wouldn’t get worn.  I was also working on a Hinagiku Hat with Rowan Felted Tweed that I picked up on a whim.  I decided the Hinagiku Hat wasn’t working with the felted tweed and the yarn would be nicer with the Mystery hat.  So I pulled out the Hinagiku Hat and the little nubbin of knitting you see here is all I’ve got to show for days of work.  I think this arrangement of yarn to pattern will work much better.  Plus I love me some Rowan Felted Tweed.


In about five hours I need to leave for the airport (again) to scoot on over to Switzerland (again).  I just got home from work and have to do laundry before packing.  I also needed to watch the Giants win the World Series (again).  Yay!

Then there was a little chocolate eating.

Then I signed up for a knit along.  Wha?!  Seriously, it must be the wine.  I signed up for the Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat-a-long.  There are two skeins of Hampden Hills Alpacas sportweight yarn in my stash so I figured WTF.  Maybe that will work.  I shall swatch when I get back next week and then try and play catchup on this KAL that starts on November 1st.  Anyone else willing to use up some stash?