Shoes and socks

Give me a second here…

Shoes Dear Target Corporation:

I am extremely fond of your black slingback wedge heel espadrilles, but have found myself unable to buy them as you seem to have underestimated the demand for these cute little numbers.

I have been to FOUR of your fine stores looking for them, but a pair in size 6 1/2 seems is akin to finding Nessie.  Given that it is physically impossible to walk into one of your fine establishments and not purchase $50 worth of previously unneeded merchandise, I calculate that approximately $200 worth of items has been procured in my search.  If I indulged in conspiracy theories, I would just begin to be suspicious.

Please make/procure more of these fine little shoes as their window of fashionabiltiy is regrettably short and time’s awastin’.Sock1

Sincerely, Silvia Shoe Shopper

Now onto the sock portion of our program.

My Loksins are going along smoothly, but I did notice that my ball of yarn is rapidly dwindling. (Hey I just got that "loksins" means "finally" in Icelandic.) The yarn is put up in 175 meter skeins, but I’m doing the heel flap thingy heel that Cassie has written, rather than my usual short row heel.  I think the heel flap thingie takes up more yarn than the short row version, and I added a repeat to make them a tad longer.  I think I’ve got enough yarn and will knit through with confidence.  Worse case scenario will have me ripping back to the heel and extra repeat and reknitting with just enough yarn.  I like my knitting on with confidence version best.  Less work for lazy girls.


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  1. OMG! That is so true about Target. I know if I walk into one I’ll walk out with about 10 more things than I needed. Good luck finding those shoes!

  2. Whew, now I’m glad I bought those shoes when I did. I’m a 7.5, like almost everyone else, so if I don’t get when the gettin’s good, I’m usually S.O.L.

  3. I should have read blogs before going out this morning. I could have looked for you at my Target Greatlands.
    Love the sock! I hope you’re okay yarn-wise. Maybe the tiny feets will save you. ;^)

  4. *laughs* They are *really* cute shoes, though! đŸ™‚
    I was about to say I’m sure you’ll have enough yarn for the Loskins, but then came to my senses. I’m sure that whatever happens with the yarn, they’ll be fabulous.

  5. Do you have 2 balls of yarn? Or are you going to finish 1, knit the other, and THEN find out if you have enough yarn?

  6. In Minneapolis (far from you, I know, but it’s what I know) whenever I want something that is sold out at all the nearer suburban Targets, I go to the one in north Mpls. That is the blacker, poorer part of the city and things tend not to sell out quite as quickly. I hope you are able to get those shoes — they are mighty cute.

  7. I just saw these at my Target in 6 1/2 – on sale even (for 16.98) – I’d be happy to get them for you – just email me & I’ll send them.
    I know I’m a long time lurker (rare commenter), but honestly – if you NEED them – I’d be happy to oblige (they didn’t have the 6 that I was looking for)

  8. Hey you know Target has a lot of their stuff online! YOu might try that. I was so proud of myself I ran into Target for 3 tings today, and I actually only bought those three things! A miracle really! I have the same problem there as you. I can rarely get out of there for under $50!!

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